Meditation Leader Training

Sponsored by the Global Peaceful Cities Project & Schenectady County Community College


all founded by Bethany Gonyea, MS
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The Global Peaceful Cities Project utilizes a specific style of meditation…

Intentional Coherence Meditation is a type of meditation that combines heart rate variability biofeedback skills with intentional and prayer techniques demonstrated to work through various research studies.

Intentional Coherence Meditation is different from traditional meditation, because it is designed to teach you how to skillfylly move your nervous system into a state that researchers refer to as coherence.
Traditional meditation often has you “observe what is”….which is valuable as well. However, for our purpose, we choose to strategically move our nervous systems into a more resourceful state. We use intention to be sure that we have significantly improved our well-being by using evidence base biofeedback skills.

The hallmark of coherence is heart rate variability, as documented by the Institute of Heartmath (, and Our meditations are designed to facilitate heart rate variability which research documents primes your nervous system for greater clarity, better decision making and optimal performance.
Coherence is also a hallmark of being in the “zone” or the “flow state.” When we are coherent, we are more likely to be in harmony with ourselves which simultaneously enables us to meet the demands of our outer world in a more efficient way.

In our meditations, after we become more coherent, we then send peaceful intentions out to a geographical area. Our protocol for sending intentions is based on the intentional research gathered from several sources, including Lynn McTaggert, author of the Intention Experiment, various research studies of top healers, and the work of Dr. Joe Dispenza, author of the NY Times Best Seller, You Are The Placebo.


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