Become a Consciousness Athlete:


A Step by Step Program to Heighten Consciousness for Daily Happiness. 


Do you feel that there is a limit to how happy you feel? When you do feel happy, do you feel that something will steal your joy? Have you been studying spirituality for years and yet still feel a general low-grade depression?

Most people believe their happiness comes from outer circumstances, such as their job, relationships, or financial situation. But researchers have determined that external influences only account for 10 percent of our happiness. The truth is, we feel happiness in our body, so our happiness most often does not depend on anyone else. Happiness has a signature in our bodies’ nervous system and subtle energy fields, unless you know what that signature is and how to sustain it, happiness will always allude you. Don’t leave your happiness in the hands of others.

  • Become a consciousness athlete, and train your body to feel happiness for no good reason.
  • Learn to come into command of your nervous system by skillfully using cutting-edge biofeedback and subtle energy tools to tap into infinite states of well-being entirely incompatible with anxiety.
  • Soothe your nervous system.
  • Tune your brainwaves.
  • Lighten your heart. 
  • Expand your energy field, and take the journey of an athlete coming into command of your body’s nervous system by learning how to change your state “at will”. 

You will never feel as victimized by life circumstances again.

Learn an easy system supported by science to float above negativity and lift into bliss. A unique collection of internal scientifically based trainings researched and developed over 25 years by biofeedback specialist, Bethany Gonyea, founder of Numinous, the organization that brought us the Global Peaceful Cities project.


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