Bethany Gonyea, MS is a Biofeedback Specialist and founder of NUMINOUS, Sponsor of the Global Peaceful Cities Project. For the past twenty five years, Bethany fervently researched the most powerful biofeedback and subtle energy meditative skills

As a biofeedback specialist for 25 years, Bethany has invited people to invoke the power of focused healing intention to facilitate health and well-being during hundreds of private and public biofeedback sessions. Bethany understands the mind-body connection as she explored it to heal herself from a severe pain disorder, forcing a career change in college. Bethany made physical pain her "biofeedback instrument" and became "intolerant of feeling miserable." She focused her mind using biofeedback skills and used her diminishing pain levels as signposts that she was "doing something right." Her pilgrimage culminated in her ability to overcome her disability and run 4 miles a day without pain.

Later, Bethany used the same skills to shift out of emotional pain after suffering an extreme tragedy. Eventually, she realized the skills acquired through these challenges could accomplish much more than merely relieving physical and emotional pain. Bethany realized the same skills could continue being used to buoy people into transcendent states of happiness and well-being.
Bethany pioneers states of consciousness and inspires us to become Consciousness Athletes, which means training our bodies' autonomic nervous system to sustain enhanced states of happiness and well-being, similar to athletes training their bodies for sport. She reminds us that we feel happiness in our bodies, not our minds. She teaches us to "fall up" when life gets us down by skillfully tuning our nervous systems through cutting-edge biofeedback skills.

Gonyea also gives us tools to train our bodies to sense our bodies' energy field, so we merge with the